History of Card Games

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Playing cards is an activity that has been around since the dawn of civilization. Even in the oldest of civilizations, card decks have been very present and very popular. But are there any historical accounts that can prove the popularity and exact history of the card games?

Cards: History

The card game history can be dated from the time of the dominoes and tiles that are used by the Chinese in the past. They used this as the tool for contests before technology was created cards that can be shuffled. The cards were designed by the Chinese and then they started manufacturing paper by the 9th century.

Cards: Europe

Around the 1300s and the 1400s, cards have reached Europe and then the Europeans found a way to refine the decks and they created the standard suits of cards that we have come to use today. Many card games that we know of today can be attributed to the Europeans.

Trick Taking: A history

Trick taking is one of the most popular game genres today and what the players do is get tricks. These tricks are actually groups of cards that were created by the player that places the card at the table. Ecarte can be accounted as one of the modern ancestors of this genre. This is a 19th century game Mobile Casino in France.

In the earlier games, 52 card decks were not implemented before and Ecarta also did not use this deck. A 32 card deck was used before. The rankings are different and they are quite unique.

Trick Taking: Modern times

The modern games on this genre are spades, hearts, Euchre and bridge. They may not be gambling games but they are very popular among various homes across the globe and though they play the game, they do not know its European beginnings.