Security / Privacy

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We understand the privacy of the personal information what we have collected about you so we never share or sell or rent this information to other parties unless it is for your personal services or the law enforces us to provide the information. We will collect your name, mail id, address, telephone and mobile number, credit card information, date of birth, and much other information from the registration and the surveys. We have our own privacy policy to use and protect your personal information and we always value the importance of the use of your personal information.

What is Personal Information that We Collect?

We collect your personal information while you are using our services, getting our products, and registered in our website to get better services from us. If you use any third party to use our services, we can also get information about you from their collections and there are many other ways to collect your personal information and sometimes we will ask you to provide more information about you.

Why We Collect the Information

We use your personal information to give you the best online gabling service, and to process your enquiry, and to give real and fast customer service, and to market about our services and promotions about the products those will suite your attentions based on your personal information and interest. We will also use this personal information to give you the update and notice about any new or special offer and service, and to make sure the safety for each of us.

What is the security of the Information?

We always take enough steps to secure the personal information of our visitors. We use the most updated software and services to protect the information about all the circumstances we can face. We used secure server side protection to protect unauthorized access to any information of our website. We use secure communicating services to contact with our users, the 128 MG digital encrypting system will keep the information safe all the time and this is the most used security system by most of the reputable financial security services of all time.

We will personally use your personal information and this information will be kept inside the website among our staffs and we will only share the information to those parties who will use your information to provide us effective services. We will share this information to the third party who will use the information to provide you financial support about your winnings in our website. We will never share your personal information to any other parties and you information will not be sent to the government or other authorities if the law force us to provide the information to them and we will always try the best to keep all your personal information safe and secure.

Player Policy

Player policy is must for every player of our casino. This policy will help use to know about our players, and this policy will help to protect both of us. This policy will ensure the highest service of our casinos and every player will get the same service and none will be threaten by the law if they satisfy the policy.

a. The player must have at least 18 years age and if their region wants more age to participate in gambling then that player has to gain that age but not less than 18 years.

b. The player have to ensure that he or she does not using any illegal way to violate our terms and privacy policy.

c. The player must use authentic identity to use our services.


We will send permanent cookie at the time you register in here and this cookie will help us to know about your personal interest and browsing history about gambling sector and in this way we can provide you the better services. We never use the cookie to steal your information and if you do not want to have the cookie then you can change your browser settings to restrict the browser to neglect our cookie.


We will never keep your personal information for no longer that it necessary for our own use and also for your security reasons only.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We can update and change this privacy policy any time we want so always make sure you know the update of our privacy policy to avoid any type of violating rule.