Best Gamblers of All Times!

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Throughout the history of Blackjack these people became legends and teachers for many generations of Blackjack gamblers everywhere in the world. Their books and life stories filmed in movies - are the example of mental strength and longing for win. We present you Blackjack Hall of Fame and revision of the most famous Blackjack gamblers.

Famous Members of Hall of Fame

The Blackjack Hall of Fame includes 7 Blackjack players who have changed the game irreversibly with their tricks, hidden cards, shoes with mini-computers etc. Here they are, the 7 best gamblers of all times:

  1. Al Francesco
  2. Peter Griffin
  3. Arnold Snyder
  4. Edward O. Thorp
  5. Ken Uston
  6. Stanford Wong
  7. Tommy Hyland

We'll highlight only 5 of them, as you must be heard of every blackjack player listed above. Many of them wrote books on beating the blackjack and winning the house, on card counting strategies and world-known tips ever. The Blackjack Hall of Fame were formed in order to honor these people for their progress in gaming sphere and to get the people know about courage and achievements of world-famous players.

Al Francesco

Al is a respected player in blackjack ever since. Al Francesco is called the father of team play. He was the first who taught Ken Uston to count. He also created a "big player" concept in blackjack. Al Francesco was known in the gambling world for his ability in beating casinos.

Peter Griffin

He is known as a math genius who offered to use the so-known mathematical "shortcuts" to provide analyzing of counting systems. He defined two methods: Betting Correlation and method of Playing Efficiency to show how single and multi-level counting strategies differ.

Edward O. Thorp

He invented the card counting strategy and published his thoughts in his "Beat the Dealer" in 1962. However, Las Vegas casinos have changed their rules in order to prevent cheating at blackjack due to his book. After a while casinos were obliged to turn back to previous rules because many players refused to play the blackjack with 4 card decks. In 1966 Thorp published another book where he described the High-Low system.

Ken Uston

In 1977 Ken Uston published "The Big Player" book, where he told the world about Al Francesco's methods and secrets. Three most successful teams were brought up after Uston's publication:

  • Tommy Hyland's team,
  • The MIT team
  • The Czech team

Arnold Snyder

Arnold Snyder is known to blackjack gambling society due to his writing career, which has been lasted for 25 years. He started with his well-known "The Blackjack Formula", where he described the secrets of dealing cards in blackjack and card counting systems. All his books were grasp as encyclopedia of blackjack. He is also known as an editor of online Blackjack Forum.