Spanish 21

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Blackjack is extremely popular among casinos and there are so many variations of the game that you can take advantage of. The games are customized and are provided by different casinos so that people will have something different and amazing game to experience.

There are so many versions to try out but the most popular are the Atlantic City, Vegas and European versions. There are also a number of variants that you would want to try and explore. It is very critical, no matter what variant you play that you know the rules, the odds and the house edge to minimize risks.

Spanish Blackjack

A variant of the American hole, the Spanish Blackjack is very different from the others. The reason is that it uses 8 decks of cards of Spanish variant that is made up of 48 cards instead of 52 since cards with the value of 10 are not permitted. The house will have better advantage if you do not study the variant well and know how to minimize the risks.

The dealer peeks on Ace and 10 to the blackjack. They will also hit when they reach 17. For the players, the player blackjack as well as 21 can beat the dealer. One unique aspect is that late surrender is allowed and you can double down a number of cards and you can also split but you can only do a double down again once. Even if you have doubled down, you can still surrender. The player can split 3 times for 4 hands and the ace can be split.